The Magic of Copper Peptides

GHK-Cu - a molecular gem among cosmetic ingredients

Wrinkles. Loss of skin elasticity. Sun damage. Acne. What all these skin problems have in common?

They all are signs of problems with the natural skin repair system. Normally, your skin is very good at repairing itself. At any given moment there are cells that give raise to new skin cells, while old cells fall of the skin surface as dead and flat cornified scales. Within the skin, old and worn out proteins are destroyed and new ones are produced. When you are young, your skin renews itself every two weeks. As you get older, it may take 4-6 weeks to renew your skin.

Wait. There is more. When you are young, your skin gets rid of all damage except maybe some deep scars. The older you get, the more damaged proteins and structures remain. This is why you get more and more wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Would you like to learn if there is a way to jump start your skin renewal process and make it more efficient? Yes, there is.

Dr. Pickart, You Can’t Be Serious!  

Imagine a young scientist with a dream to reverse aging. Not yet thinking about cosmetics. Working with blood plasma and liver cells. He decides to do something unusual. He adds blood plasma from young patients to old liver cells. Then he adds blood from old patients to young liver cells. He waits. He takes measurements. Bingo!

What he observed, was incredible. Old liver cells with slowed, broken metabolism seemed to become younger. They started producing proteins typical for much younger cells!

Right before this moment Dr. Pickart’s dream to reverse aging was an impossible one. Now it became a reality. He had the proof right before his eyes.

By the way, are you curious what happened to the young liver cells imbedded into old plasma? You guessed it! They aged. Now, guess what other scientists said when they heard about this discovery? They said, “Come on, Dr. Pickart, you cannot be serious! Everybody knows that you cannot reverse aging.”

What it has to do with my skin?

You may have heard that ancient alchemists used blood from young animals in their rejuvenating potions. But you definitely are not going to try them. Don’t worry. Dr. Pickart painstakingly sorted out all active components in blood plasma until he purified the one producing rejuvenation effects.

The answer was in a small molecule that had one interesting quality. Whenever it came close to copper ions, it would bind them. Chemists call this quality “affinity”. Dr. Pickart was able to isolate this activity in its pure form. Don't you think that a small molecule able to reverse aging seems like a perfect ingredient for anti-aging cosmetics? Oh, yes!

Reversing Skin Aging Has Become a Reality

Today a small molecule isolated and purified by Dr. Pickart is called the copper-peptide GHK-Cu. It is the first copper-peptide discovered by Dr. Pickart. Since its discovery, GHK-Cu accumulated quite an impressive list of proven anti-aging activities.

Studies show that this small molecule can rebuild the skin, repair wrinkles, restore your skin’s youthful glow, reduce skin’s laxity, mottled pigmentation, fade appearance of scars when used with exfoliating acids and even reset your skin’s DNA to its youthful state. Best of all – it is available in cosmetic products! There is no other anti-aging cosmetic ingredient that has the same level of credibility, the same amount of very thorough research. But most importantly, today we know – reversing skin aging is a scientific possibility. It is a slow process. It doesn’t work overnight. But it works. Read on to learn more about rebuilding, remodeling and rejuvenating your skin.




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